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  You will never be attractive; unless, you figure out how to get a flat stomach!



 Motherhood, genetics and time are all just a bunch of excuses. And what’s this new craze about age?

          You can beam with the lure of attraction irrespective of your age. If you do not believe me, take a look at Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, Madonna, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez. These are only a few examples of A-list Hollywood women, dating younger men.



          This trend is even more pervasive among regular moms. Have you jumped to the misguided conclusion that, these men are just gold diggers? 





         They have lean, flat stomachs: every single one of them, without exception.






          A flat stomach is an indispensable requisite for beauty.





         A toned, flat tummy is the quintessential ingredient, which separates the ducks from the swans.



       What other horrendous crimes are you committing against yourself, in the name of a flat tummy?




        Do you know that, Albert Einstein defined madness as doing the same over and over and expecting different results? 

If you need an attitude shift in your life keep reading.


Use these Vince Lombardi quotes to create a winning mindset and take your success to the next level.

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Work, work, work. And then work some more. 99% of successful people got there from sheer grit, perseverance and a disturbing amount of hard work.


Don’t let some celebrities social media account fool you. Success isn’t easy or everyone would do it.

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

Quit worrying about being perfect in any area of your life. Perfection doesn’t exist. People who try to be perfect at everything usually end up doing nothing meaningful.

The road to success is messy. It’s filled with mistakes, setbacks, and failures. But you have to take action don’t afraid to be imperfect.


Remember, the greatest lessons are from your biggest failures & the more you fail the quicker you will find success.


The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

Most people don’t have the heart to keep going. Successful people are normal people like everyone else. But when things get hard they just don’t quit.

The next time you want to achieve something and think about quitting ask yourself how this will help you get closer to your goals!?


“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

Quitting won’t help you accomplish your goal. Remember, your goals don’t give up on you, you give up on them. Don’t quit, keep going!



It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”

Life WILL knock you down. It has before and it will knock you down again and again.


The question is do you have the heart to get back up?


Everyone gets knocked down, but winners get back up, brush themselves off and keep going until the goal is met.


Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

Make sure you know what “winning” is in your life. Is it a new job, new house, a million dollars, creating a brand new life, or changing the world?


Identify your goal so you have a clear target to aim for . Once you have a goal let it become an obsession, let it take over your life.


To be successful your focus has to be so intense, people think you’re crazy.

“Life for the winner is more glorious. It enters the next round of competition with already elevated testosterone levels, and this androgenic priming gives it an edge that increases its chances of winning yet again.


Through this process an animal can be drawn into a positive-feedback loop, in which victory leads to raised testosterone levels which in turn leads to further victory.”


The potential downside of this positive feedback loop, Coates argues, is that testosterone levels can eventually surge past optimal levels and have the opposite effect – leading to overconfidence and poor decision-making.


When this happens to animals, Coates, observed, they “go out in the open, pick too many fights [and] patrol areas that are too large…Risk taking becomes risky behaviour.”


For this reason, after the 2008 financial market meltdown, some commentators put the blame for the crash on the male-dominated profession, arguing that men take too many risks, and the economy would do better and be more stable if it was run by women.


Of course, risk-taking does come with inherent risk, but it has also been responsible for the lion’s share of society’s progress and innovation since the dawn of time. Financial markets would likely not exist – period – without testosterone-driven risk-taking.

Testosterone results in anti-social behavior. Testosterone gets a bad rap as causing antisocial behavior – bullying, aggression, not getting along with others, taking advantage of others, etc.


However, studies have found that social success among men is actually linked with high testosterone levels.


For example, teenage boys who were perceived as socially adept and dominant had higher levels of testosterone than boys that were low on the totem pole.


What’s even more interesting is that this same study found that teenage boys who had a history of being anti-social and displaying high physical aggression were found to have lower testosterone levels at age 13 compared with boys with no history of high physical aggression.

To get the results, you must act consistently. To act consistently, you must have the right mental attitude. Right action comes from right attitude.


That’s why our first task will be to go to work on your mental conditioning. Once you are fit in the mind, getting fit in the body is just a stone’s throw away.


I’ve customized each workout into unique sequences of exercises that have been shown to support the ideal hormone conditions needed to for you to get rid of belly fat and have six pack abs.


If you’re like me, then fast and efficient results matter… and those results will only begin once you start supporting your vital fat burning hormones.


Imagine a Hormone that steadily Burns Fat while You SLEEP!


Even though, this might sound cliché, it is a scientifically proven fact.


You sleep is of quintessential value in shaping up. You need at least 6hours of sleep everyday to rebuild the rectal and transversal abdominal muscles.

Any sleep shortage especially sleep apnea can result injuries due to the muscles being unable to recover.


After your crunches, your abs muscles need sufficient rest; in order to recover.


See a doctor, if you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.


This disorder will interrupt your sleep at night; thus preventing you from getting sufficient rest.






    Are you shaking your head in total disagreement?




    You think that, this cannot possibly be true.





    After all, there is the FDA and a dozen other regulatory agencies keeping a close watch on them.





    Have you forgotten that, there were dozens of regulatory agencies, keeping a close eye on the tobacco industry? 



They even had the fat cats of the cigarette industry testify under oath that, cigarettes contained no addictives. 



      Look in the mirror! I dare you to tell that gal; that, you are innocent. Tell that gal that, you didn’t know.




      Better yet, attempt to deceive yourself that, it is not an established fact that, diets do not work.




     Use your brain for once, my dear. You are falling in the very trap, they set for you.




     They want you to think that, the diet didn’t work because you did something wrong.

The exercises are quite easy to learn and master. And to make things even easier for you... I put each workout from these 3 hormone boosting steps in a series of short entertaining videos.


This way you can watch anywhere with WIFI or a standard internet connection, and have all your questions answered as you try them out, today.


The truth is that you don’t need to spend your life at the gym to get the body you want... And you sure as hell don’t need to be a gifted athlete or born with great genetics.


The truth is, we’ve all let work and our busy lifestyle take over... and it’s really affecting the way we look.


The only difference between you and other out of shape guys is that you are ready to do something about it now... and it’s a lot easier than you think; if you know what to do.


And that's exactly what you’ll learn in “3 Simple Steps” below...


You have come to the right place. Stay tight as I walk you through the most effective technique to build a lean and toned tummy.


 3 Simple Steps to Six Pack Abs


  • The surprising reason that All “diets” fail (while the diet industry laughs all the way to the bank.


  • Why so many people actually look WORSE after the lose weight. They can fit in clothes of smaller sizes, alright; but they are weaker and sometimes mushier than before.



  • How the misleading tactics of the diet industry is contributing to the exploding obesity epidemic.


  • Why it is possible for some people to eat more and actually burn more fat.

  • The smooth lies of the diet industry and how to detect them.

  • Why so few people have ever heard to the 4 KEY ELEMENTS TO COMBINE, in order to lose weight, while gaining lean muscle mass.

  • The secret system of Hollywood stars and fitness models that transforms them into world-class athletic looks with minimal effort.

  • The missing 5th Element of Respiration that literally guarantees a set of 6-pack abs so strong, they could serve as a punching bag.

Do Not Panic! You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to perform this simple technique.


I’m going to show you a very simple technique to by-pass all this elaborate bodybuilding stomach-vacuuming.


Sit or stand upright and light your chin up slightly to clear the pathway of your throat. Now, blow out air through your mouth and notice how your abdominal muscles contract.


Oh yeah! Getting a ripped set of six-pack abs can be really that easy. You only need the DISCIPLINE to perform these exercises REGULARLY.


Before you go any further, I want you to do a simple test. It might make you feel a little uncomfortable -- I know it did when I struggled with belly fat!

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone that regulates the development of muscles, bones, and sex organs.


Although it is essential for male growth and many masculine characteristics, it is also found in much lower levels in women.


Testosterone levels increase during puberty, then begin to decline after early adulthood.


Hypogonadism, or very low levels of testosterone, generally affects men, but women can also suffer from the condition.


Low testosterone has been linked to decreased muscle mass, low libido, and a greater risk of cardiovascular disease. Because of this, there are several benefits to boosting testosterone.



      Your body is equipped with natural food signals. When your body needs food, your brain tells you that, you are hungry.




       When you are sated, your brain tells you to stop eating. Everybody is born with these natural signals.




     What does dieting do your natural signals? 





 This is exactly what happened to Oprah Winfrey. Back in 2005, she went on a diet and lost a lot of weight.




 She looked delicious.



 She could have been mistaken for Halle Berry.




  By 2009, Oprah had regained her weight and put on some more.



 “How did I let this happen again?” Oprah exclaimed in the January 2009 issue of her magazine, O. 




 Here is a multi-billionaire with the resources to hire a fleet of personal trainers, chefs, dieticians, lifestyle coaches and doctors. 



A beer gut is as unattractive as a sink full of un-washed dishes. No one wants to be near that sink. No one wants to be associated with it.


Unfortunately the sink is attached to your stomach. So, whether you like it or not, you have to deal with it.


Yeah! The aesthetics are embarrassingly frightful, but that’s the least of your problems.


The health risks, especially for people in their 30s and 40s should be your main concern. The subcutaneous fat that engulfs your abdominal organs exposes you to risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia and a host of other cardio-vascular problems.


IT GETS WORSE, if you are overweight; however, even people in normal weight often fall victim to the harmful effects of hidden visceral fat lining the abdominal walls. 


It’s hard for most guys to accept the fact that their belly fat is getting worse and worse... along with the helpless feeling you get with each failed attempt you’ve made to get rid of it.

Staring in the mirror has become a source of embarrassment.

Going to the beach has become an act of daring. Are you reluctant to pull off your shirt on the beach?


Those moments will be history in a few short days. The days of holding your breath, lest your muffin top protrudes forward, will soon be over. It is just of matter of following these 3 simple steps.   


You’ve probably told yourself many times before that you would do something about your belly fat, but it’s hard to know what’s truly right for you.


And as you get older and busier with work and family... you realize that you don’t have time to just try things out. You need proven techniques that deliver results.


The visceral fat bulging around your waistline won’t go away; unless, you apply proven time-tested techniques.

The visceral fat on your waistline causes the secretion of the substance retinol-binding protein 4 or RBP4. This substance is responsible for the increased risk of coronary heart disease.


RBP4 eats away at insulin, thus paving the way for Type 2 diabetes. Of course, this risk only becomes accentuated in your 40s.


You can’t get rid of this substance by doing hundreds upon hundreds of abdominal exercises.




It is no use looking to the late night TV infomercials for the solution. They are more interested in selling you their latest gadget than solving your problem.


Your health is not their priority. In fact, it is quite the opposite.


They operate on the exact same principle as the pharmaceutical giants.


Pharmaceutical giants have a vested interest in seeing you sick; so that, they can sell you medication. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BOTTOM LINE WITH THESE FAT CATS.


It’s a real shame that you have to stumble on some random fitness coach to finally provide you the solution to six pack abs.

First off, I just have to say that I am impressed by the persistence of some of the guys that eventually show up at my studio after years of working on their abs to no avail.


If you belong to that category of guys, who have tried several programs before with no results to show for it; then, take it easy on yourself. “It is probably not your fault.”


The fitness industry is awash with fake gurus, who are as clueless as a chimpanzee in a space suit.


I can brag about my advanced degree in Sports Education, but all the pomp and show is of no use to anyone else.


The fact is, I did not make my BRILLIANT DISCOVERY of the 3-steps technique in Sports College.


These techniques are the result of real life testing and scientific proof.


With the help of my doctor, I discovered that there’s one specific thing in your body that is causing your struggle with belly fat.



It’s your Imbalanced Hormones...


These hormonal imbalances affect everything from your posture to your emotional state.



Rectifying the situation requires precise understanding of the natural process that men suffer from. Most men in normal health have this hormonal imbalance.

It is entirely up to you to fix it. The cavalry isn’t coming. You are going to have to roll up your sleeves and do the work.


It took me 6 years of scrupulous testing to find out how to optimize a man’s fat burning hormones naturally.


I wish I could take all the credit for this acclaimed breakthrough but the fact is, I got tremendous help from a conglomerate of Sports Doctors and benefited immensely from 1990s MIT research.


I have nothing but the highest regards and utmost reverence for those rare geniuses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory.


I definitely wouldn’t have arrived at these cutting-edge techniques without their assistance. They command my deepest gratitude.


Time is a resource, which cannot be replenished.


As a result, I discarded every training avenue which couldn’t guarantee results in less than 3months. I’m proud to have found the technique.


It is my singular pleasure to hand over to you my exact blueprint that includes my unique hormone training workouts and customized meal plans. From every mental re-programming to every physical motion…


I’ll show you in full; “how everything works.”


In 21 DAYS FLAT, I’ll show you how to transform your abs into chunks of brick, so hard, they can withstand Muhammed Ali punches without flinching.



I’ve simplified the hormone boosting process into just 3 easy steps. Each step is designed to get you closer and closer to the six pack abs that you want.


Believe it or not, the first step is mental.

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